Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Monday

*A few of the pictures that my family and I took on Easter*

*The zebra print flower on my purse in macro*

*A blue carnation*

*A yellow flower also in macro*

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another long Sunday!!

~The old Shamrock hotel~

~Roses straight from the camera~


Saturday, June 25, 2011


~A picture I took at the zoo~

~My husband and little girl playing the CARD game Go Fish~

Foto Finish-something blue

~Blue skies and blue toenails~

~Blue skies and a blue and white water tower~

~The pole on this parking meter as begun to rust just a little bit~


~My husband eating hot dogs and potatoe chips at my cousin's birthday party~

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday.....what a rainy day!!

~My brother and step-dad playing football on the beach~

~A white and blue wedding cake~

~The sundial in front of the local courthouse~

Lensday -Travel

~The tour bus that all of the SC HOSA members who placed in state competitions went to Dallas on. We had a long ride but it was a blast~

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday.....time is dwindling down!!

~The kids playing on the new playground equipment at the park~

~A local park~

~A picture i took of myself in a red shirt~

The Queen's Meme-The Prissy Meme

1.) What is your favorite lipstick color and why?

*I don't wear lipstick often because my husband absolutely hates it but when I do wear it I wear a nice natural shade just to add a little touch of color!!

2.) How long does it take you to get ready to go to work in the morning?

*Most days it only takes me about fifteen minutes to get ready because I throw my hair in a ponytail and don't wear makeup. When I put on my makeup and fix my hair it takes be about an hour.

3.) Do you have your nails professionally done? Mani? Pedi?

*I do not currently have my nails professionally done but I do love to have my nails done! I do not go to the salon for pedicures because my younger cousin does them at home and does a great job I have only had one professional pedicure in my entire life!

4.) Tell us about your latest spa experience-real or imagined.

*The last time I went and had any type of spa treatment was when I got married over a year ago and then it was nails hair and makeup all for the wedding!

5.) Is there something you would like to change about your appearance? Would you ever have cosmetic surgery?

*I am like all women I would like to lose some weight but I would never have elective cosmetic surgery. If there is no medical reason for surgery I don't want it! If I were in an accident and needed something reconstructed then I would do it! I am pretty happy with what my mama gave me!!

6.) How do you take care of your skin?

*I use a complete Acne Free system on my face it has 4 steps day and night. On my body I use Dove Body wash and lotion everyday.

7.) Tell us your secrets for vibrant, shiny, healthy looking hair.

*I use salon products on my hair instead of general brands..thats all I do.

8.) What is your favorite fragrance?

*My favorite fragrance is black raspberry vanilla from Bath&Body Works.

9.) Everyone has a certain color they love to wear. What is yours?

*I wear alot of BLUE.....light blue and navy blue....but navy blue is my favorite!

10.) Do you have ink?

*If by saying ink you mean tattoos then yes I have one tattoo on my leg it is a pink blue and green dragon fly with orange and yellow stars around it.

11.) How would you describe your personal style?

*Well I have a very laid back casual style. I love wearing jeans and t-shirts with a cute pair of flats. I do not like heals or dresses. No dress clothes for me!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday comes again!

~Our Family Zoo Trip~

~A moth~

~A Pretty Yellow Dress~

~A blue hat with a white foot on it~

~Pink flowers on a tree~