Wednesday, December 8, 2010

White, Watery, and Sepia Scenes

~The lighthouse and Inn Keeper's cottage at Tybee Island~


~One of many ponds and fountains at Hopeland Gardens~

Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Monday!!

This weeks mood is Traditional so I thought i would share a few family traditions!

~Each year we have a big family Christmas party! Santa comes and all the children and adults sit on his lap and share their Christmas wishes~

~We also have a gift exchange for each different age group~
~An ornament exchange for just the women~
~And a seperate mens gift exchange~

~This is me and my sister,also my maid of honor on my wedding day~

~A yellow stethoscope on a blue leather seat~

~A pretty Blue dress~

~I edited this picture of my brother and added some blue elements~

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


~The Gazebo at Hopeland Garndens~
~The Newest addition to our family~ Welcome Sheila!!

~My older brother~

~Toes in the Water~

White Wednesday

~A snow white Santa beard and a pearly white smile~

26 Things November 2010

26 Things
1.) ~Tall~

2.) ~Amazing~
3.) ~Round~

4.) ~Hidden~

5.) ~Green~

6.) ~An Animal~

7.) ~Dirty~

8.) ~Early~

9.) ~Weather~

10.) ~An Arrow~

11.) ~Curve~

12.) ~Tomorrow~

13.) ~Inside~

14.) ~A Ceiling~

15.) ~Watchout~
16.) ~Key~

17.) ~Reflection~

18.) ~Track~

19.) ~Framed~

20.) ~Busy~

21.) ~Strange~

22.) ~Upside Down~

23.) ~Spots~

24.) ~Shoes~

25.) ~Weathered~

26.) ~Sunday Morning~