Saturday, May 15, 2010

Camera Critters

Here are a few Camera Critters I have seen recently!!

This is my Aunt's dog that recently had puppies. She had one boy and one girl!! Here they are all three cuddling together while the babies are feeding!!

This Caleb! My mom gave this rooster to my Aunt...he will eat from her hand!! He has very beautiful colors on his feathers!

This is a duck at the local Duck Pond! There are hundreds of ducks at the duck pond you can go there and feed them.

This is a goose at the duck pond. He kept hissing at us because he wanted more food but we didn't have anymore to give him.


  1. A lovely series of camera critters :)

  2. Nice ones, Emily! Do you live on a farm?

  3. Loved all your photos, but the one of this little mum with her pups is totally adorable!

  4. i dont live on a farm but my mom and my aunt both have chickens and dogs... my mom also has ducks quail and a pig!!

  5. and guys Emily.. they are animals Great photo's.. Baby with her babies is good!
    I like the goose too..