Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lensday, Sepia Scenes, and Wardrobe Wednesday

Today's Lensday challenge was Trees.

This old tree is in my Aunt's backyard! There is a basket that has grown up into the side of the used to be a hen's nest!

This tree has bark that has grown to look like a bull's head on the side of the tree!!

Sepia Scenes

This old water wheel looks wonderful in Sepia Scenes! I passed it three times before my husband stopped for me to snap a few pictures of it!! I love this picture!!

I was out Geocaching with my husband and mother when I took this picture! We walked down a trail and not far into the woods we found this bicycle leaning on the tree like someone was taking a break from riding but there was no one around! There was two more bicycles a little further into the woods!

My sweet angel posed so pretty for pictures in her brand new outfit!! Everything was new.....even the shoes and bracelets were bought that day!!!

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  1. Very good photo's.. I love the tree.. Of course I love you too!
    Mean old mama