Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Busy Sunday!

~My little girl and one of her friend on a field trip with school jumping and dancing around~
~A pretty white house with a nice little yard~

~A King Cobra curled up inside a vase with his tail hanging out.....this was at the zoo~
See It Sunday-Butterfly
~A picture of my Husband and his little girl....I edited and added the butterflies!~

~A wooden stand to hold a kettle over a fire, trees, logs, and a wooden chest~
~Chili's BabyBack Ribs and Fries~


  1. A wonderful collection of photos!

  2. the photo of your hubby and your daughter is the best:)

  3. What a busy Sunday, you had.

  4. Perfectly Blended: wow, what a fun Sunday and a yummy food!