Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A long Tuesday

~A Family photo everybody in red~
~The fountain on the circle~

~My Step-Daughter's T-Ball Team~
Two 4 Tuesday-Metal and Glass

~Metal pipes to form a faucet at Healing Springs~

~A Wine Glass~

The Queen's Meme-The Green Meme

1.) Do you recycle?
-I don't really recycle. All trash goes in the household garbage can and is later taken to the recycling center but I do not actually seperate the trash and the stuff that can be recycled!

2.) Have you ever hung clothes on a line instead of using a clothes dryer?
-I most certainly have! When I was younger my mom always hung the clothes on the line during the summer and when I got my first house I didn't even have a dryer so that was the only way my clothes got dry at home!

3.) Do you walk or bike to work to save energy?
-No never!

4.) Do you use a water filter for your tap water or do you buy bottled water?
-Neither I just drink the tap water! I occasionally buy a bottle of water when I am going somewhere and grab something to drink!

5.) How many trees do you kill each year by buying new books?
-I would have to say that in the past it would probably be alot because I love to read but I got an eReader back in January so none now!

6.) Have you ever considered recycling your cellphone?
-Yes I have considered it because my little girl's school collects them to help raise money for supplies!

7.) All you need are a few simple non-toxic ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and soap to clean your home. Are you willing to throw away the bottled chemicals?
-There is no possible way that I could live without my cleaning supplies! I've got to have my disinfectants!!


  1. I'm with you on the disinfectants but I've heard vinegar does wonders for wood floors.

    Thank you for playing along with us this week.
    Do come back!


  2. What a nice family portrait. :-)It's really sweet. May you have a wonderful weekend with family and friends. Have a nice day too.